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Weston Charity Award Winners

We are pleased to announce that Sport 4 Life are the proud recipients of a Weston Charity Award. The Awards celebrate and support excellent charities working in the fields of Youth, Welfare and Community through a year of strategic planning support and unrestricted funding. The Awards are an initiative of the Garfield Weston Foundation and Pilotlight.

As part of the Award, Sport 4 Life will receive support from Pilotlight. Pilotlight helps ambitious charities and social enterprises thrive by harnessing the skills of business leaders. The Pilotlight Programme is about coaching charity and social enterprise leaders to develop their business skills, strengthen their organisation and increase its impact.

Sport 4 Life, chief executive, Tom Clarke-Forrest, said of the award:

“Investing in fundraising and income generation is really important. However, there is a cultural aversion among some funders and the public to fund core costs, as they want it to go to charitable delivery only. That can be counter-productive. If a charity wants to grow, be sustainable and to make an impact, it has to invest in overheads. No one bats an eyelid about the role of overheads when talking about business investments. If more people realised that overheads are so important in helping charities grow and achieve meaningful social impact, the sector would be in a much better place.” 

He added: “We were really pleased and delighted to get the award, and are looking forward to the challenge that’s ahead. The ambitious targets we have for the future have the full support of staff and trustees, and now will benefit from key business development support through Pilotlight. That is very exciting for us.”


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