At Sport 4 Life UK, our mission is to empower and change the lives of young people. For the past four years, we have forged a partnership with Kings Heath Job Centre, working hand in hand to provide mentoring opportunities to young people across Birmingham. This collaboration has proven successful, transforming lives and opening doors to new possibilities.

So, what does our mentoring support include? Our mentors work on a one-to-one basis to help young people find their purpose and achieve their goals. This includes:

  • 12-months of tailored support
  • Personalised action plans
  • Employability workshops
  • Community-based volunteering

The success of our partnership is best summarised in the words of the Kings Heath Job Centre team. A Kings Heath Work Coach expressed, “Our experience with Sport 4 Life has been extremely positive. This is due to the excellent opportunities they offer for our young people and mainly due to your representative, Lincoln Shaw, who attends Kings Heath Job Centre and always goes above and beyond to help our young people.”

The Work Coach further commended Lincoln, stating, “Lincoln is excellent with the young people he sees. He offers constant encouragement, is reliable, offers meaningful advice, has a friendly disposition, and is always available should any extra young people need to be seen.”

The partnership between Sport 4 Life UK and Kings Heath Job Centre is a testament to the impact of changing lives. We are proud to continue making a positive difference in the community, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration with Kings Heath Job Centre.