Sport 4 Life UK is the leading sport for employment charity in the West Midlands.

We are proud to provide the opportunity for young people (aged 11 to 29) to prepare for and move into sustained education, employment, or training by improving their employability and key life skills, through our sports-themed personal development service.

Our sports-themed personal development services are designed to bring out the best in young people by providing them with high-quality sessions, mentoring, and guidance.

Young people attending a Sport 4 Life UK sports session

We want to give every young person we work with the chance to make a positive change in their lives.

Our vision

We believe in a level playing field where every young person has the opportunity to create a better future for themselves.


Our mission

Sport 4 Life UK is proud to provide the opportunity for young people aged 11-29 to prepare for, and move into, sustained education, employment, or training, by improving their employability and key life skills – through its sports-themed mentoring and training services.

young person playing with hoop

Our strategy

To continue to support young people, we continue to progress and adapt as an organisation. Our strategy responds to changes both internally at Sport 4 Life UK, in society and the sector more generally.

OUR 2021/22 strategy

Our impact

As the leading sport for employment charity in the West Midlands, we must be honest, transparent and accountable. Each year we publish an Impact Report detailing how we’ve supported young people in creating a better life for themselves.



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Our story

Founded in 2006 as a small community project in the ward of Ladywood, Sport 4 Life started life as a ‘sport for sport’s sake’ charity, driving disadvantaged young people into sports participation, with the focus exclusively on outputs.

Following a fundamental strategic review in 2010, the organisation changed its use of sport, where it became the vehicle, conduit and tool to facilitate social good – focussing on meaningful and sustainable impact.

The resulting 16 years has seen Sport 4 Life learn, grow, change and develop into the leading sport-for-employment charity in the West Midlands.

tom clarke-forrest founder of employment charity sport 4 life UK

Our values

All that we do is focused on CHANGING the LIVES of young people.
This is our North Star and guides everything that we do.

We are a TEAM
We are a conscientious, approachable and trusting group with a common goal. We do our roles effectively, share in the success, and take responsibility in the failures.

QUALITY runs through the core of the organisation
We aim to be a beacon of good practice in all we do. We are data led and evidence based, dependable for all those we support and work with. Most importantly – we do what we say we do.

We do not stand still – we are a PROGRESSIVE organisation
We are a group with a growth mindset, leaving our egos at the door. We are curious, take feedback constructively, have a continuous approach to learning and embrace change.

Our delivery model

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We are guided by our values in everything we do, and recognise that a more diverse organisation is a better organisation. Inclusiveness and diversity are core to who we are. People with different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and perspectives are at the heart of how we work. We aspire to recruit, empower, develop and retain the best, regardless of their background. We are collectively committed to cultivate an environment where all differences are valued, practices and processes are equitable, and everyone experiences a true sense of belonging.

Our commitment is evidenced through the following actions:

“I’m really glad I joined Sport 4 Life. They have supported me so much with my confidence and communication. They helped me to become a better person.”

Alimah Abdalah, aged 15