Crafting national partnerships

Our North Star mission is to use sport as a vehicle to change the lives of young people, our ‘Impact Partner Model’ aims to create strong collaborations with organisations that share this vision, enhancing our collective impact.

Our impact partnerships supports all like-minded and game-changing organisations, even those outside of the West Midlands. Our support encompasses comprehensive capacity-building services, including strategic planning and direct financial aid where possible.

Working alongside like-minded and game-changing organisations

Impact Partnerships with Sport 4 Life

To maximise our impact, we work with various like-minded organisations, empowering them with strategies, resources and tools to enhance their positive influence on young people. Our collaboration can include;

  • strategic planning
  • impact assessment
  • governance enhancement
  • financial aid

Our impact partners contribute to our annual impact report, sharing impact data to demonstrate assess effectiveness and showcase achievements.

Impact Partnerships

The Impact Partner Model equips our national partners with the necessary tools to broaden their positive impact on the lives of young people.

We’ve seen significant positive changes in both depth and breadth of support that our partners are able to provide to young people, as well as growth and development in the partner organisations themselves – in a truly mutually beneficial approach.

We are grateful to our existing partners for their commitment and collaboration, and look forward to working with more in the coming years!


“I’m really excited that our new partnership model will now support like-minded and game-changing organisations outside of the West Midlands, following the success of a pilot in the region. We’ve seen real positive changes in both the depth and breadth of support that our partners are able to provide to new young people, as well as growth and development in the partner organisations themselves – in a truly mutually beneficial approach. I’m grateful to our existing partners for their commitment and collaboration, and look forward to working with more in the coming years!”

Tom Clarke-Forrest,
Founder & CEO Sport 4 Life UK

The Inspire Group

Inspire Group in Walsall stands out in youth development through sports, focusing on physical health, mental wellbeing, and social values. Their #InspireEngageEmpower approach includes sports coaching in schools, advocating for mental and community health, and designing diverse community programs, including interventions for young individuals with criminal records. Their services, like the Empower Programme, centre around mental health support. With their innovative approach, they are building a stronger, healthier community where sport serves as a catalyst for positive change.

“At The Inspire Group we are proud to partner with Sport 4 Life UK as they are an organisation that, like ourselves, are built on values and people. During our partnership, we have developed our organisational skills in strategy and business development and how to use these skills to best serve our team, our young people and our community.”

Sports Key

Sports Key in Birmingham is devoted to nurturing a healthier, more unified, and active community. They empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through diverse sports sessions, including netball, football, and cycling, as well as cultural activities and mentoring. Their work harnesses culture to bridge the diverse communities of Birmingham. Emphasising community cohesion and individual development, Sports Key offers life skills training and enhances employability, particularly through their volunteer and development programs, promoting a strong, connected, and vibrant community.

“At Sports Key we have always admired the invaluable work Sport 4 Life UK accomplish in the community and the remarkable impact they have on young people’s lives. Partnering with Sport 4 Life UK we have not only had significant funding support but also support with vital insight, expert guidance on structure, planning, best practices, and the future development of the organisation.”</span

Pat Benson Boxing Academy

Pat Benson Boxing Academy, based in Digbeth, is more than just a boxing club; it is a hugely valuable community sports foundation, working with young people to build their confidence, resilience and self-esteem through a variety of sports programmes. They offer a variety of services including individual boxing training, school boxing programs, and personalised educational support for at-risk youth.  Their commitment to encouraging community cohesion, physical wellbeing, and personal growth makes Pat Benson Boxing Academy a beacon for positive change and development in the community.

Partnering with Sport 4 Life UK has been transformative for us at Pat Benson Boxing Academy. Their shared values and dedication to empowering individuals through sport deeply align with our mission. From invaluable guidance on governance to support in various aspects, their collaboration has been instrumental in our journey. The recent session was not only informative but also provided a clear roadmap for our organisation’s development. We look forward to continuing this partnership and creating meaningful impact together.

Our Community Foundation

Our Community Foundation (OCF) in Alum Rock, Birmingham, actively combats youth unemployment,  focusing on ethnically diverse communities. Their approach integrates sports, social enterprise, and youth social action to engage and empower youths aged 11-21. OCF’s programmes are crafted to enrich lives and open educational, employment, and training opportunities. Attuned to urban youths’ challenges, particularly those heightened by recent economic and health crises, OCF employs sports not only for physical health but also for leadership and digital skill enhancement. Their impactful efforts are driving positive changes for young people in Birmingham, creating a brighter community future.

“Our Community Foundation chose to partner with Sport 4 Life because of our shared vision, values and passion to improve the lives of young people through the power of Sport. Their invaluable guidance in capturing social value and fundraising has been instrumental in developing our existing skills and uncovering new funding avenues. This collaboration has not only enhanced our capacity and skills but also nurtured significant growth and sustainability within our organisation”.

How we help


Our mentors work on a one-to-one basis to provide support, assistance, encouragement and inspiration during and following our programmes.

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Employability skills

Get job ready! Get support with CV writing, interview techniques and tips, career pathway advice, and mock interviews.

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Level up and improve your chances of moving into further education and employment with the help of our online and in-person courses and qualifications.

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Sports sessions

Our sports sessions support young people to stay active, develop life skills and meet new people.

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