Connor’s story

Age 20

Leaving sixth form without a clear plan can be an overwhelming experience. Many young individuals, like Connor, find themselves unsure of the opportunities available and struggling to chart a course for their future. This is where Sport 4 Life steps in, providing mentorship that transforms uncertainty into success.

Connor’s journey with Sport 4 Life began when he sought support at his local job centre. Enter Don, a mentor who would play a pivotal role in Connor’s life over the next 12 months. Armed with qualifications in performing arts and mechanics, Connor faced the challenge of finding a stable income to support himself and his family. 


Connor openly shared his struggles with studying and completing theoretical work, a hurdle that left him in a less-than-ideal position. Don, however, saw potential and asked Connor about his aspirations. The answer was simple: Connor wanted to financially support his family without worries about the future. Don took Connor under his wing, addressing each problem and collaboratively planning a new route to success.“Don took me under his wing. He sat and listened to each problem I had and we worked through different ways to help me. He didn’t seem like a mentor. He was more like a friend, which is sometimes what you need in this day and age a friend, not a mentor.”

Together, Don and Connor set their sights on an SIA qualification, a stepping stone toward the job Connor had always dreamt of – keeping people safe. Connor recalls,“It is a job I’ve always wanted to do, like keeping people safe, a way to keep my mind occupied.” With Don’s support, Connor not only secured the SIA qualification but also landed a part-time security job, providing financial stability and a healthier routine.

“Sport 4 Life helped me find a purpose. they helped me find a job that helps keep people safe – that gives me a solid purpose”

Beyond qualifications and employment, Sport 4 Life helped Connor hone various skills. From public speaking opportunities to refining employability skills like interviews and CVs, Connor’s journey wasn’t just about finding a job; it was about personal and professional growth.

Reflecting on his transformative journey, Connor has a piece of advice for those hesitant to enrol in mentoring with Sport 4 Life:“Try it. What’s the worst that can happen? All you have to do is give it a go, once you attempt it – you can’t have any regrets about not making a conscious effort to be better.”