Sport 4 Life UK has signed the Sporting Equals Charter, signalling its ongoing commitment to normalise equality.

The Charter supports organisations working in the sport and physical activity sector to tackle its ethnicity gap. It is a simple and effective framework, enabling collaboration in forming a sector that is representative and inclusive of the UK population.

The Charter is comprised of three key principles: Capture, Commit and Celebrate. As part of its commitment, Sport 4 Life UK will Capture data and insight, Commit to tackling underrepresentation at all levels and Celebrate positive role models and stories.

This latest commitment follows our Black Lives Matter Statement, the creation of a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee, and ongoing actions to normalise equality and increase female engagement at the heart of the organisation’s 2020-21 Strategy.

Sport 4 Life UK founder and CEO Tom Clarke-Forrest added: “We are delighted to sign the Sporting Equals Charter, showcasing our ongoing commitment to tackle the sector’s ethnicity gap. Sport and physical activity has the power to enhance wellbeing, raise aspirations, build skills, bring communities together and ultimately change lives, and everyone – regardless of background – should be able to access and benefit from that.

“We’re pleased with progress within our organisation, as well as in our delivery, but we’re conscious that more work is needed. We look forward to working closely together with Sporting Equals, and others, to make our activities – and the wider organisation – more inclusive.”