Sport 4 Life is a sport for employability charity,  we’re based in Birmingham, operate across the West Midlands.

We change lives through the power of sport.

Working with young people, supporting them to develop and then seeing them actually achieve and thrive is so so rewarding. 

It’s great when you hear of a young person getting a job or getting a start in a career they really want. We provide a space where they probably won’t be able to get that elsewhere.

Everyone who works at Sport 4 Life is there for the right reasons.

It’s a great place to work, real, real team dynamic and just a really enjoyable place to work.

The values of sport for life really matched my own values, knowing that they work with young people and they work in the local community that was really important to me.

Everyone’s willing to challenge each other in a really positive way.

People need to bring a lot of energy, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

In the next five years, we want to continue our growth.

Everyone has a crucial role to play in that growth.

The values of the organisation are just second to none.

Quality runs through the organization. 

We’re always continually looking to improve – whether that’s how we support young people or how we support our colleagues internally.

We have a sense of family atmosphere in this organisation.

Everybody wants to be there it’s a fun atmosphere and you’re helping people at the same time.