Dombel & Frederico’s stories

Brothers Dombel and Frederico joined Sport 4 Life when the TEENS programme was first launched in 2012 when they were aged 12 and 14.They live with their family in Soho, Birmingham. Soho is in the top 5% most deprived wards in England and Wales.

Frederico remembers,

“There was never much for young people to do around our area, so it was easy to just hang around and get up to no good. When Sport 4 Life started to run free sports sessions in the local park, it gave us something to do.”

Following their engagement in sports sessions, the brothers went onto join the TEENS programme. Here they gained their first accredited qualifications, developed life skills, and attended skills workshops supporting them to stay in education.


Dombel & Frederico’s stories

“If it wasn’t for Sport 4 Life, I probably would have dropped out of school, I don’t think I would have made it to college.”

“I always found school a bit tough, but when I gained my Sports Leaders qualification I knew that I could achieve something in school.”

After the programme finished, Sport 4 Life kept in touch with both Dombel and Frederico through one-to-one-mentoring, football sessions, and further leadership qualifications.

“Even though the programme was over, the mentors took an interest in how we were getting and helped us when we needed it.”

Both brothers are now are at college studying sport and have ambitions working in football. They are active members in their community, volunteering at their local church.