Callum’s story

Age 25

Growing up in Birmingham, Callum faced academic struggles and mental health challenges that often left him feeling isolated. Despite these obstacles, he found his passion in performing arts during college, but further setbacks in university and personal life led him down a difficult path.

Between battling personal loss, a global pandemic, and the demands of education, Callum’s mental health suffered, leading to a drinking problem and a sense of aimlessness. Reflecting on this tough period from 2020 to 2022, Callum admitted, “I was just existing, I wasn’t achieving anything. I wasn’t even my normal self.”

However, Callum’s journey took a turn when he discovered Sport 4 Life, an organisation that offered him much-needed support for both his physical and mental well-being. Initially hesitant but hopeful, Callum began weekly sessions with mentor Karl, where he found a safe space to unload his struggles and rebuild his confidence. “It was what I needed. It felt informal, I could take my mask off and be me,” Callum commented.


“Thanks to Sport 4 Life, I accomplished more in 2 months than I did in 2 years”. Engaging in various sports sessions like karate, boxing, and gym workouts not only improved his physical health but also expanded his social circle, providing much-needed camaraderie.


Callum’s newfound confidence enabled him to pursue employment opportunities facilitated by Sport 4 Life. Enrolling in a security programme with G4S and Edgbaston Cricket Ground offered promising prospects for his future. “I can’t thank Karl enough for everything he has done for me. I will shout it from the rooftops if I have to,” Callum expressed gratefully.

Today, Callum looks ahead with optimism, empowered by the support he received from Sport 4 Life. “Thanks to Karl, I got the help and therapy needed,” he affirmed. With a positive outlook and renewed sense of purpose, Callum is ready to embrace the future, leveraging his experiences to continue his journey toward success.