This policy outlines how Sport 4 Life UK handles data relating to participants through the different stages of their journey; Pre-engagement, engagement, and post engagement.


The information you provide via the ‘Expression of Interest’ form will expressly be used for the purposes of contacting you about any upcoming programmes and we are delivering as well as any open days.

We will hold the information you provide for up to one year. After this, your details will be deleted from our records, unless you attend a Sport 4 Life Programme.

The information you provide will be held securely by Sport 4 Life UK and only staff directly involved in recruitment activities will have access to your information.


On attending one of our programmes, we will collect further information (address, emergency contact information, academic record, and some background information). If it is deemed necessary by staff, we will carry out a risk assessment with you to assess your suitability for continuing on our programmes. Throughout your engagement, we will record your attendance, one-to-one mentoring notes, your interests, preferences, achievements, and outcomes.

Any information provided will only be used in relation to your engagement with our programme, for staff to better support you, and for Sport 4 Life UK to report back to funders through direct reports and our annual Impact Report. We will collect some sensitive personal data such as your ethnicity and in some cases your religious beliefs. The information is used to report back to specific funders who require us to report back to them on this demographic data. You are also not obligated to provide this information.

Our reporting to funders and statistics compiled for our Impact Report is completely anonymised. We use Participant Stories / Case Studies to showcase our impact. We will seek permission from individual participants should we want to use their story in reporting.
We will hold the information you provide for 10 years after your final engagement or for as long as we are required to hold your information by a funder, whichever interval is longer.

The information you provide will be held securely by Sport 4 Life UK and only staff directly involved in the respective programmes will have access to your information.

Post engagement

We will occasionally contact you following your engagement to track your long-term progress and to ask you if you would like to part of the Sport 4 Life UK Alumni Network.

How to contact us

If you want to request information further information on this policy or have a data request, please click on the link below and complete the form.