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Culture Secretary praises Sport 4 Life

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid last week set out his vision for the future of UK Sport at the Centre for Social Justice. He highlighted the importance of investing in sport and how this can aid improving educational attainment, reversing anti social behaviour, and boosting employment.

“..By instilling the structure and discipline that sport demands – we can help to deliver other aims, like boosting employment. The work of Street League and Sport 4 Life is a testament to that”

He continued by saying that he wants to use sport as a force for social good and that funding should be focussed on the projects that deliver social impacts.

“Put simply, It’s about investing in the power of sport to change lives”

At Sport 4 Life UK, we work with the most disadvantaged young in Birmingham to make a positive change in their lives and unlock their true potential.

Click Here to read the full speach made by Culture Secretary Sajid Javid.