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Charity Governance Award Winners

Sport 4 Life UK has been named a winner at the UK’s first Charity Governance Awards 2016. Sport 4 Life won the award for Improving Impact at the event introduced by broadcaster Edward Stourton in The Clothworkers Hall, London. As part of their win, Sport 4 Life also takes home the prize of a £5,000 unrestricted grant.

Sport 4 Life UK was one of six winning charities at the Charity Governance Awards with organisations representing a diverse range of subject areas including youth work, heritage conservation, mental health support, palliative care, and community improvement.

The Judging panel said this of Sport 4 Life’s Award win. “The charity was able to demonstrate how it had improved its impact over time. The judges were impressed with how thorough the approach to impact measurement was, including increased data collection and the use of tools. Notably the board embraced this new way of working with energy and enthusiasm and they continue to use the data to inform the strategic development of the charity.”


Sport 4 Life UK, winner at Charity Governance Awards 2016


Michael Jarvis, who presented the awards on behalf of organisers The Clothworkers’ Company, said, “Congratulations to our superb winners! We had a tough field to choose from with some excellent examples of great charity governance. This inaugural year has demonstrated that sound governance can work in a variety of shapes or forms. But what they all have in common is that they are delivering the best possible impact on those for whom they seek to make a real difference.

“To continue our journey towards better governance, we will be running the Charity Governance Awards again in 2017. We would be delighted to hear from charities across the board, big and small, who are demonstrating great governance, when we open for entries on 6 October.”